There is no room for error in processes such as gas cooling, spray drying and coating. If the spray performance is not perfect, product and process quality can be significantly impaired. For critical spraying processes, our Spray Analysis and Research Services group is tasked with performing special tests, process modelling and/or fluid dynamic modelling in our spray labs. Using advanced tools to simulate a customer’s operating environment allows us to accurately predict spray performance before we finalize a design solution or recommend products.


Our research services offer the following services:

Tests in our spray laboratories: spray characterization, droplet size distribution, droplet velocity, spray impact, spray coverage, evaporation rate, etc.
Computational Fluid Dynamics for gas flow, flow models, velocity, temperature, drop trajectories and gas/liquid distribution to ensure optimum lance/launch performance
Finite element analysis for material compatibility with pressure load, thermal load and corrosion
Fluid-structure interaction models to determine the effects of fluid flow on solid structures, vibration analysis and more
Proof of concept and prototyping
Seminars on spray technology

Typical Applications

Viscous coatings
Shelf cover
fire protection
Gas cooling
Rain simulation
Spray Drying
Spraying of microparticles