The PulsaJet® Nozzle is one of the most widely used innovations from Spraying Systems. The technology basically allows users to activate and deactivate spray guns very quickly. This is combined with a suitable AutoJet controller to adjust the volume flow (practically invisible due to the speed) without significantly changing the spraying power (spray angle and drop size).

The nozzle allows for countless applications for products on conveyor lines because even at changing speeds, a constant and equal distribution is guaranteed. The new technology means frequently nebulizing air atomizing nozzles, which have a lower nominal volume flow, can be replaced.

The Pulsajet Nozzle is currently being used in almost all industries and most often in the coating of foodstuffs or in food safety applications.

Example: Comparison of hydraulic nozzles – PulsaJet nozzle vs. Conventional nozzle

Hydraulic PulsaJet nozzle compared to air atomizing nozzles